New blog, old shit

Well yes, the Prodigal Son returns to WordPress. No big story here. I was bloghopping the other day, saw one that has this nice little layout that grabbed me, and thought, Hey, I want that! No surprise: I’ve always been an insecure little bastard. And fuck if I used the word “little” twice already in this paragraph. Like what the title of this blog says, I can’t write. Yeah.

Also, starting a new blog, for me, is about as close as I can get to starting a new life. It’s a way to escape the dullness of my days, like a new hobby minus the requisite expenses. Or a new affair minus the risk of heartbreak. Something like that. Days on end of gloomy rains have put my mind in no mood to rake up the right words and metaphors for it.

Ah yes, the rain. Canceled a very important appointment today because of it. It didn’t make me feel good. It made me feel like a fucking prima donna or something. But the trip to the city hall, bank and laundromat this morning under this godforsaken weather was all the action I could take. It was a sin getting out of bed in the first place.

And so much for that. New blog, old rants. Hey, I didn’t say I was a changed man…


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