Tough love (or why Sid Lucero must die)

Saw General Luna last Thursday night, June 30, at Cowboy Grill in Quezon Avenue. That’s one item off my wish list, although it didn’t pan out the way the dumb starry eyed fanboy in me would’ve wanted it to. For one I wasn’t able to get an autograph or have my picture taken with any member of the band. Secondly, I saw Bea Lao leave the venue hand in hand with Sid Lucero, the actor.

No shit. I thought it was the darkness and the beer and the dizzying stage lights playing tricks on me. I asked my brother, who was with me that night and also a Bea Lao fan, if I really saw what I saw. He said yes. I failed to see if there were tears in his eyes.

If my life was a movie, this is the part where they play “Love Hurts” by Nazareth.

Fortunately, the next band, Jason X, took away whatever foul taste that scene left in my mouth. One should hear their version of Journey’s “Faithfully.” I went home laughing and in good spirits because of that. Or maybe it was the beer. Red Horse can surely stomp on the blues.


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