Book of the Lourd

I used to make clippings of his articles in college, back when he was still writing for the lifestyle section of the broadsheet Today (which has since merged with The Manila Standard to become — ta-dah! — The Manila Standard Today). I remember one particularly eerie article about an afternoon in Tugatog Cemetery, a public boneyard known for the statue of Lucifer standing triumphantly over a very defeated looking St. Michael. His write-ups on that cultural oddity April Boy Regino and on ex-NU 107 (and current Sandwich bass girl) Myrene Academia were also among my favorites. I thought: How cool it would be if someone would compile his articles in a book.

Almost fifteen years later, somebody from, where he’s been blogging since 2009, thought of the same idea. The result: This is a Crazy Planets*, a compilation of the four-time Palanca awardee’s best and most controversial blogs to date. For only Php195, it’s a steal. Anything that bashes Kris Aquino at that price is a steal.

*The title is reportedly a line from the suicide note of ’80s bold star Stella Strada. Lourd quips: β€œHindi ba napaka-tragic? Mamamatay ka na nga lang, wrong grammar ka pa.”


6 responses to “Book of the Lourd

  1. Lourd was Joanne’s (my bff, the one you’ve already met) college professor. According to her, back when uste’s aircon wasn’t centralized yet…he would draw circles on their desks serving as ashtrays for those who’d opt to smoke while in his class. How awesome was that?!!!!

    I was wondering about the title… thanks for the explanation… lol…

    He’s one smart ass and he ranked #1 among the sexiest ugly people….. (something like that)…. in right?!! He isn’t that bad looking to be inlcluded in it….or……. is he?

  2. Lourd may not be Piolo Pascual, but he certainly has sex appeal. I know someone who had a midnight road accident because she was drunk and texting Lourd while driving. I also heard stories about how cool a professor he was, but that’s the first one about circles drawn on desks, hehe… πŸ™‚

  3. tlg? nakakaloka namang experience un… he’s definitely sexy… the kind of sexy na girls might think he’s suplado (because he’s just too smart) LOL… but he definitely is one. That’s why I wonder why he had to be classified as an ugly person… eh… he isn’t ugly naman…

    also si chito miranda >> (ultimate crush ko! lol)

  4. I had to pause and think about your reply about me liking funny guys??! πŸ˜€
    Hmmm, I get attracted to the smart guys but I fall for the funny ones…

    Weird thing though… I never thought my husband’s funny until recently πŸ˜€
    And oo, i like jay contreras, he signed my pulp magazine in one of the UP events back then… di pa sila mainstream… wala lang, nice to reminisce….

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