Here comes the pain

This entry is brought to you by Ponstan 500, Mentopas and Katinko ointment.

My right shoulder and knee are killing me. They’ve been causing me hell since last week. I don’t play much sports and have very limited physical activities aside from commuting to and from work five days a week, so I can’t figure out where all this hurt is coming from.

I wonder, though: Is 32 too young an age to be dependent on painkillers? I mean, in this day and age of major-ass, high level stress?

Speaking of stress, I’m off to work now for my daily dose of it. Hopefully those babies in the picture can keep the aches at bay. Wednesday, please be good to me…


11 responses to “Here comes the pain

  1. Re: being dependent on painkillers… I’ve been dependent since college, for that, I always check my hepatic profile, God knows how my liver looks like! But thankfully, it’s still OK I used to not know how to take these pills, my throat blocks tablets and capsules but due to extreme pain, I learned how too swallow these pills in 2′s… and now, I couldn’t live without them and I am just 29…. I think it’s hereditary bec. my 16y/o sister suffers from severe leg pain too…

  2. Considering that you’re surrounded by doctors at work! Man, my gripe pales in comparison with yours. Hopefully whatever it is you & your sister have will not be passed on to your offspring…

  3. My BF has been dependent on painkillers and muscle relaxers for several years now… and he’s only 21. You’re not the only one.

    Have you tried physical therapy? Or perhaps chiropractic? What type of pain do you have exactly?

  4. aww kuya hope ur well! or better yet getting better… Oh that mentopas works for me too when i had those killer backpains and stiff neck…u take care..and have a restful day!

    btw thanks for adding me..and for following 😉

  5. Karl, I think the pain comes from being less immobile. More activity, less pain. And stress too. I am writing 500 100-word articles about muscle therapy and I found that all you need are simple muscle flexes to get rid of tightness. And cold compress in the depressed area. I trust the nurses on this.

  6. Thanks for that tip, Acel. I really need to move a lot more. Problem is, that’s almost impossible when you’re facing the computer 9 fucking hours a day at work. On weekends I bike. Can’t do that recently though because of the goddamn weather and all these muscle aches. But I’ll try.

    Btw, writing 500 100-word articles. That your new gig? How is it so far?

    Thanks for dropping by. Painum ka naman minsan 😉

  7. Yep! Masakit sa utak yon! I am jobless right now but not a bum and thanks to oDesk. I am suddenly an internationally-acclaimed SEO writer (this is where you land when you lose your panache), hehe.

    Anyways, can’t imagine myself working 9 hours in the office (and under check).

    Pag tumatanda talaga, nagti-tea na no? Hehe. Ako green tea but because of the taste, I just get by with calamansi juice. Anyway, jasmine tea is green tea with enhanced flavor and aroma sabi sa Wikipedia. Ma-try, hehe.

    Papainom ako pag nakagraduate ako with honors! Haha.

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