Where I usually pound my pint

Tired and tipsy at 3 a.m. and waiting for the effects of Cobra Energy Drink (with ginkgo biloba!) to wane so I can collapse on bed and sleep. But first a paean to my favorite dive.

Kusina ni Ka Anang is where I usually spend Thursday night to celebrate weekend (I’m off Friday and Saturday). It’s located along Sct. Torillo in Quezon City right across Jade Valley Cantonese Cuisine, and a favorite because it’s one of the few places in the Timog area where beer is less than P40. Aside from cheap beer it also serves tasty tapsilog and tokwa’t baboy, and if you’re nice and a good tipper the leggy waitress named Tata will flash you a smile that, depending on your upbringing, will go directly  either to your heart or to your groin. There’s also a videoke machine for the inner balladeer in all of us.

There. Actually, I just want shit to come with that picture I took earlier.

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