Absent again

Got soaked in the rain on my way home last night, and when I got home past midnight I was so tired and sleepy that I collapsed on bed with my soggy clothes on. (Kids, don’t try that at home, unless you have iron lungs or suicidal.) So this morning I woke up with hacking coughs and aching chest and the nasty feeling that everything in the world is fucked.

Anyway, will just stay in bed today and read and sleep and drink liquids and consume all the Vitamin C in the world. Also take some of those lagundi tablets for good measure. I was told they’re super effective but warned of their taste. How come anything that’s effective must taste like shit?


6 responses to “Absent again

  1. awww thats an excuse for not going to work today kuya, u shd get some good rest really! get well soon….after all its a long weekend naman so thank god yeah?!:)

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