Fuck buddies

Saw Friends with Benefits earlier and liked it. Not because I dig the idea of casual sex, but I think the movie’s funny and, dare I say, cute. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have this convincing onscreen chemistry that I last saw between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer, which, incidentally, is a favorite.

I am such a sucker for romantic comedies.

Also worth noting in Friends with Benefits: Woody Harrelson as a gay sports editor, and a cameo by Emma Stone, who made my heart skip a beat playing a rock chick in The Rocker.


8 responses to “Fuck buddies

  1. Emma Stone’s my new Lindsay Lohan πŸ™‚
    Really, u liked it? Now I think I gotta watch it… 2 against 1… my sister spent the whole morning convincing me to watch it, since Luke’s there (the kid in modern family). I told her I hate the idea of Justin as an actor, and of course, she found my excuse a stupid one.

    Oh well, I better start watching before she nags me again…

  2. Just finished watching the film (watching DVD movies is my latest idea of a fun Friday gimmick, ugh!). And ya, I loved it too! Would you believe, I cried at the scene where Mila and Justin reconciled amidst the dancing crowd? I always find Closing Time sentimental but not a tearjerker. Gosh, I’m such a monay. Mamon pala.

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