Season finale

One episode left and Dexter season one is history. It’s 4:04 a.m. and I’m starting to feel the weight of the day on my eyelids. But this is why I love weekends. I can stay up all night and wake up noon or even later than that the next day.

Other stuff that’s making me giddy with excitement this weekend: the new Anthrax album, Worship Music, has been leaked. It’d be cool hearing a new material from these dudes with Joey Belladonna at the mic after seeing them perform live at the Amoranto Stadium last April 30 as headliners for this year’s Pulp SummerSlam. Also, new albums by the Foo Fighters and Journey. Yeah, laugh all you want, but this dude here digs Journey.

Today I also learned how to drive a scooter. It sounds awkward considering  that I’m already over 30, but so what?

Right. Back to Dexter now, and then some much needed Z’s.


2 responses to “Season finale

  1. The blogs I’ve been reading these days never fail to crack me up, esp. in the last few sentences >> I was trying to imagine you learning to drive a scooter (graphic: you stumbling, falling, hitting a cow), well that was my experience 🙂 I was 13 that time 😀

    • Fortunately there was no stumbling and falling and, um, hitting a cow. Just nervous moments, is all. I was told that when you know how to ride a bike, then it’s fairly easy to ride a scooter. I think that’s true. 🙂

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