Bad spirits

The Thursday night group clowning around with Boojie’s (right) photobooth app.

Talk about a crazy-ass weekend. By crazy-ass, of course, I mean alcohol-fueled.

Dig this: 3 a.m. Friday found me at this gasoline station (Shell? Chevron? Fuck if I can remember) on Sumulong Highway upchucking my dinner and dignity from a jeepney’s window in full view of everyone — the driver and fellow passengers, some of whom clucked their tongues at the sight of me; the people in other vehicles lined up for their fill; the gas attendants; the assorted nighthawks who, for one reason or another, were there on that ungodly hour. It was humiliating, to say the least, and I actually felt sorry for the poor bloke who ended up cleaning the mess I left. And boy what a mess it was, I’m tellin’ ya (that I clearly remember).

Hours before that I was at my good friend Boojie Basilio‘s place in QC with office-mate Jonathan Perez. It was our semi-regular Thursday night session, only at a different venue. Bro talk and jazz music and Boojie’s version of a Long Island Cocktail washed down with ice-cold beer. I guess I had too much fun.

Actually, I was handling it pretty well at first. On my way home I was seated beside the jeepney driver and the cool mountain breeze on the highway was doing me good and reminding me of December. It was only when we stopped at the gasoline station and hot fumes assaulted my face and nostrils that my stomach did a somersault.

That was Friday morning.

Heavy metal videos kept Sidney and I entertained after listening to the new Opeth album, ‘Heritage’

Friday afternoon, after more or less five hours of troubled sleep and a late lunch, high school buddy Sidney Macalinao dropped by our place with bottles of Colt 45 and some junk food. He was there for our two-man listening party for the new Opeth album, Heritage. (Some word about it: It’s weird when one of the best death metal growlers decides he no longer wants to do death metal growls.) Sidney stayed until I kicked him out around 10 p.m. because by that time I was already tired and feeling debilitated from all the alcohol and shit and wanted nothing in the world but sleep.

Saturday I drank a lot of coffee and capped the day with Tanduay Ice because I was feeling kind of gloomy and feeling the pressure of another workweek on my shoulders. I have a lot to say about this, but I rather not bore you with it. This pathetic excuse of a blog entry has gone on long enough.

And then Sunday I woke up sick.


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