Acute tonsi what?

Got sidelined by “acute tonsillopharyngitis”* for a week. Was bedridden for three days because of the accompanying fever. In fact, on Monday night, while Typhoon Pedring was whipping Metro Manila and nearby provinces with gusty winds and heavy rains, I was nursing a 39.5 fever. Thankfully, my temp had stabilized when the lights went out. Still, it was a scary experience, feeling helpless on an awful night like that. I give credit to Charmaine for being calm despite everything.

Though it was hardly the “staycation” of my dreams, the unplanned hiatus from work allowed me time to indulge on the things I like. I watched the entire season two of Dexter and am now three episodes deep into Game of Thrones. I also finished reading Ben Mezrich’s Bringing Down the House. It’s a good read, although I think I would’ve appreciated it more if I’m into blackjack or card counting or casinos. If anything, it stoked my cravings for the high life, Vegas-style.

In between books and DVDs, I napped and played with Raven.

Sadly, no writing was done except the email I sent to my bosses Tuesday morning to inform them of my predicament and my leave, and some routine journal entries. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss the Internet. Not even a bit.

So there.

*According to my medical certificate


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