Ah yes, Bodom. Just got home from the concert and it was freakin’ awesome. The band ripped through their set like a pack of hungry wolves, and my neck — every nerve and muscle of it — responded accordingly. Tomorrow it’ll hurt like hell. Also: I think I need a new pair of eardrums. Whatever, man. We at the GA section had as much headbanging fun as those in the VIP section. It was a well organized gig, and if ever there were troublemakers the bastards must’ve been killed at the entrance because all those who were inside the Amoranto Theater were a pretty good and decent lot. They banged their heads and screamed profanities but nobody raised any hell except the band and no one acted like an asshole by groping girls and picking fights and shit like that. Highlight of the year, definitely.

Sorry, too drunk/tired to write a decent blog.


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