Swords & dragons in 2012

Finally finished watching Game of Thrones season one over the weekend, and what a fucking cliffhanger it was! The news that the next season will not be shown until April next year is depressing. Shit! The series got me so keyed up that the thought of waiting another year for my next marathon — which I prefer more than watching one episode per week — is making me wish 2012 will come and go in a Flash Gordon blur.

I hate long waits, man.

Actually, I don’t even like the fantasy genre that much. The closest I can get to appreciating it is by listening to Dio and Iron Maiden. I’ve seen the Harry Potter movies and read the first four books, but only because Charmaine made me do it. All along I was rooting for Lord Voldemort to kick the crap out of those pesky little kids and lay waste to Hogwarts, but the dumb nose-less imbecile failed me. Game of Thrones, on the other hand, grabbed me like a strong drug.

I guess I better check out the George R. R. Martin books from which the series is based. I have my eyes on the whole colorful set. I think it will look good on my shelf.


4 responses to “Swords & dragons in 2012

  1. I am RIGHT there with you. It’s going to be one long wait. The book is more awesome – probably because you can dwell on the characters and situations you want more than what you can on a TV show. But I just can’t wait to see Peter Dinklage again as Tyrion Lannister!

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