Dead so far

So I’m on episode 6 of the first season of The Walking Dead and, sadly, except for the pilot episode, which was directed by Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist), nothing is really keeping me excited about the TV series. I find the characters clichéd and the plot, though fast-paced, painfully lacking originality. Group of people, rivalry, stupid decisions that lead to deaths, man, I’ve seen those before. And countless times!

But I’ll still finish  season one and then proceed to season two because I’ve nothing else to do when I get home from work late nights and I was told it will get better later on (“an important character will die!”) and season two of Game of Thrones will not start until April 2012. Anyway, shit that involves ugly lurching half-deads are more often than not entertaining, methinks.


6 responses to “Dead so far

  1. If you did not like season 1, there’s nothing much in season two (so far)…
    And I was told someone will return… (and see, my husband reads the TWD comics and if they’d follow what’s in the comics, i’d be happy because someone i dislike in the series dies) — with that, the series really gets better…

  2. Love this series! Having watched several zombie films, there’s nothing new indeed. They can even create a 1 1/2 movie out of seasons 1&2 but I love the details, the losses, the edge-of-your-seat episodes. I love anything zombie except zombie movies that don’t have zombies chasing the characters for more than five minutes.

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