This looks fun, but…

Part of me wants to see this, preferably intoxicated and in the company of bad-ass friends, while another part just wants to stay home that night and read a book or watch TV or start a creative endeavor or something, like writing that novel that has been banging in my head for quite some time now. Whatever. In the last days of my being 32, I wonder if I’m getting old for this shit. Yeah.

But let’s see come Valentine’s Day. The season of the hearts has never failed to put me in a blind rage, and that is something only a seething mosh pit can cure.


3 responses to “This looks fun, but…

  1. This is the name of our church… Lamb of God πŸ™‚

    My brother-in-law has an LOG shirt with a pentagram on it and yours truly insisted on throwing it…

    I am religious, I know…

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