My mouth tastes of blood…

Thou shall not booze, thy dentist say

Half a day has gone by since I underwent a particularly difficult tooth extraction procedure (it took the dentist almost an hour to pull the damn fucker out) and yet I’m still spitting thick globs of blood. I’ve no idea if this is normal or not, but I’m glad I’m feeling little to no pain (thanks, Mefenamic Acid), and hopeful that the bleeding will be gone in the morning. For the meantime, a steady diet of antibiotics and painkillers for the next three days is in order.

‘Sam Pinto’

Anyway, other highlights of my vacation, which is sadly about to end in less than 48 hours:

  • Finished reading “A Game of Thrones.” Still thinking on whether to proceed to “A Clash of Kings,” the second in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, or pick something else instead, a Kerouac or perhaps a Murakami, as some sort of a breaker;
  • Started watching How I Met Your Mother (love it!). Also, two movies: It’s Kind of a Funny Story and Hall Pass. Enjoyed both;
  • Hooked up with a college friend and drank Tanduay Ice in a sari-sari store while shooting the shit and admiring the gentle rain falling that time. Totally bromantic, dude;
  • Replaced my two-year-old Nokia with a Samsung Champ, which I named Samsung “Sam” Pinto. It was supposed to be the Galaxy Y model, but some greedy capitalist bastard decided to jack up its price from Php5,700 last December to Php6,500 as of last Tuesday. I am still fuming like hell;
  • Visited a sick aunt in San Juan with my mother, who can no longer travel long distance without a companion. The two hadn’t seen each other in more than a year, and I’m glad I made their reunion possible;
  • Countless quality hours with Raven and Charmaine

… and some small things that, in one way or another, had contributed in making the past 10 days a meaningful stretch. On Sunday it’s back to the salt mines again for me, and with that the end of all things bright and beautiful.



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