A man named Fundador

Faces from the past leap from nowhere and bring instant nostalgia. Sometimes they come in neat little packages, like this excellent piece of showbiz journalism here.

The writer used to be one of my bosses, back in 2000, when I was working as a translator in a Tagalog broadsheet that had long since gone the way of the dodo. I remember him for bringing “big time celebrities” to our Christmas party that year, namely the couple Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragosa who, during the event, both tried their best not to look like they were having an out of body experience. Can’t remember if Jessa treated us with a song number. Perhaps she didn’t. But I remember Dingdong giving a very meaningful and moving Merry Christmas speech that lasted for about 10 seconds. Then they were off into the night. Fundador Soriano must’ve felt like our prince for those two awesome guests.

I also remember “Ka Fundy” for sending dishes and glasses flying in our canteen one day because they made him sit at a table that hadn’t been cleared yet. Those dumb clueless canteen people! They should’ve known that the sun rises on Ka Fundy’s ass. If he doesn’t fart in the morning, then we’ll all be in darkness.

So much for nostalgia.


5 responses to “A man named Fundador

  1. I used to work with entertainment columnists as well who always had that ‘Yeah, I’m the man!’ face when they brought celebrities like Asia Agcaoili and other nameless bold stars to Christmas Parties. They could not even tag Diana Zubiri and they claim to be best friends with her!

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