No punch in this rum

A viewer can only appreciate The Rum Diary if he/she:

  • is a die-hard Hunter S. Thompson fan who will suck up anything associated with the late gonzo journalist,
  • once worked in a newspaper and wants to relive the mayhem — nay — experience,
  • wants to ogle Amber Heard/Johnny Depp for at least two hours,
  • is a chain-smoking booze hound who wants to see his/her pathetic lifestyle romanticized in film,
  • hasn’t seen a single movie in 10 years

The only part of it that got a reaction from me is that one where Paul Kemp (Depp) and Sala (Michael Rispoli) got chased by a bunch of wild Puerto Rican drunks. That shit is hilarious, man. Some brownie points for the dialogue too, but not much. File it under watch and delete. You’ll be needing that extra space in your hard drive for something better.

The producers (which included Depp) shouldn’t have tried to court the mainstream. I think that’s where the problem lies.


2 responses to “No punch in this rum

  1. I haven’t read any Hunter S. Thompson book but I watched the movie for Johnny Depp and Giovanni Ribisi. :p Someone who’s watching from a free movie site will not be able to appreciate the film too! :p

    • Yeah. I commend the producers’ (Depp, among them) motive, though. To honor HST. I just wish they stick to the original ‘angas’ of the book and did not attempt to court the mainstream.

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