What he said: George R.R. Martin on jobs

In an interview published on the fashion blog(!) Feather Factor a day after Valentine’s, George R.R. Martin, bestselling author of the popular fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, has this little piece of advice to share:

“The best advice I ever received was a long time ago — to find a job you love. People have to find their happiness in life. I see and have met in my life so many people who don’t like their work. They do their work for money and they do it to support their family or something like that, which of course is understandable. But so many of them are miserable. And it’s weird to me because we work for so much of our lives, we do it for five days a week, we spend a majority of our lives at work. And money aside, you need to do what makes you happy. You have to find something you love.”

Couldn’t have bumped into this article at a better time. Now I really need to think about what I really want in life and come up with a big decision — a decision that may be unpopular to many but is a must in the name of self-preservation. But that’s getting ahead of myself.

Read the rest of the interview here.

4 responses to “What he said: George R.R. Martin on jobs

  1. I only really enjoyed my job in 2 of my 41 years of working. Thank God I am now retired and can do what I enjoy doing – writing and bird photography. 🙂

  2. You have a really big decision to make. My first real job was something and if not for the low salary, I would have stayed. Technically, you have three choices — learn to love and fully embrace your job or follow your dreams. The third one is quite tricky — do both. When you have a family, it’s hard to pick. But you always know what you have to do. Home-based jobs may help cause can have bigger space and more time. It depends. Unsolicited advice: hold your ground and test the waters first. I guess you are carefully planning your next move that’s why it’s almost stressing you out. Could be mid-life crisis, hehe. Just trust your instincts, no regrets. Ako, if given a chance, I wanna get published too, become a scriptwriter maybe, but I still have a long way to go. We never know. Bahala na.

    • Dude, you nailed it! Best advice given to me in a long time. It really helps to hear — or in this case, read — that from someone. I think it all boils down to getting my act together. For so long kasi I’ve been bothered by what people may think of me when I do certain decisions. Now I’m thinking, Fuck them and their mothers! Dis is ma’ life, yo! But yeah, I’ll hold my ground for the meantime while chasing my dreams at the sidelines. Which means lesser sleep and more alcohol and perhaps drugs. But so what? Whatever it takes to get my muse wet n’ humpin’.

      We should meet ASAP. Dennis too. Mahaba-habang inuman, sure as hell.

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