The eligible

Ah, weekend. You’re the love letter from the prettiest girl on campus. I treasure you.

Sappy intro aside, and before I plunge into another night of Homeland marathon, let me just share this week’s good news: I nailed the Civil Service exam! And with flying colors! Second in a group of 30 examinees with only four passers.

Yeah. Who would’ve thought that this long-haired, rum-drunk (tonight) freak here can be what those Civil Service people call an “eligible.” Now all I need is that promised phone call from a college buddy and boom! Hello Government Service. May you welcome this fella here hungry for long weekends and normal working hours.

Now excuse me while I watch Claire Danes chase a terrorist…


2 responses to “The eligible

  1. Congratulations! I haven’t taken this exam yet despite my mom’s constant nagging that I take this since my OJT days…

    Congratulations, now that you’re eligible 😀

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