Rockstar obituary: Karl Roy

Karl Roy, 1968-2012

Something weird happened to me today.

I was on board a tricycle on my way to work when I was suddenly gripped by fear of death so strong I couldn’t shake it off. It was a stray feeling that left me depressed and totally freaked out at the thought that one day I’ll leave this world for good, and there’ll be nothing but darkness. No wind, no sound. Just darkness. Forever and ever.*

I was still freaking out when a friend texted me about Karl Roy’s death. Cardiac arrest, he said. 43 years old.

It was a bleak nine-hour grind at the office.

*The religious could argue about the afterlife, about an everlasting existence with God and His angels, and on a normal day I would believe them. But on a day like today, with overcast sky and rain threatening to taint summer, there’s hardly any room in my head for butterflies and sunshine. Forgive me.


4 responses to “Rockstar obituary: Karl Roy

  1. i think its easier to entertain thoughts about death for people who feel they have nothing much…(ummm reasons why they should be scared of leaving life)

  2. I was deeply saddened by his death…
    And you’re absolutely right, we’d eventually leave this world for good.
    Cliche as it may be… we’ve got nothing else to do but seize the day šŸ™‚

    • Seize the day. Yep. That’s the best way to deal with that scary prospect. Haay. I wish I could travel a lot and be in wonderful places before Death, holding a stopwatch, says, ‘OK, time is up.’

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