Where gamers go wild

I’m no gamer, although I’m married to one. (Well, she used to be, until motherhood kept her away from the Playstation.) When Charmaine and her sister Nikki would discuss Resident Evil or Silent Hill in my presence, I would be off snoring in five minutes. In high school Street Fighter was the hot shit. My friends would imitate the fighters’ attack moves — complete with that irritating “oyuken” (or something) and “sonic boom!” — while trading supposedly secret knowledge on how to execute them onscreen… and I ‘d be off snoring in five minutes.

But last Friday, May 4, I found myself  in what could only be described as a gamers’ paradise at the opulent Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila in Pasay City. This time, however, I managed to stay awake. Why not? The place, GameZoo, is probably the most hi-tech arcade I’ve ever seen. (I’m no arcade aficionado, but I’ve set foot in many of them to justify the comparison.) It occupies two floors, the machines look new and pristine, and the games are very much up to date and of an amazing variety. Even a non-gamer like me would be impressed.

And Aubrey Miles was there, yeah, strutting like a queen with hubby Troy Montero and their kid. 

Anyway, for more about GameZoo, check this link out.


3 responses to “Where gamers go wild

  1. I think I’d love it there 😀 I too am a gamer and I married a gamer who refuses to believe that he’s found his match (ehem — yabang??)… lol… although, like Charmaine, I am inactive na. My eyes retired on me…

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