Glorious bloodbath

The second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones has just ended, and for me this is the dude to remember the season finale by. Ain’t he a handsome little fella?

white walker king

The White Walkers, motherfuckers! Now we’re talking. One could take pleasure at imagining how that asshole Joffrey Lannister, after what he did to Ned Stark in season one, would piss his pants upon waking up one day and seeing this dude and his undead brethren  in his doorstep. Imagine the horde breaching the Wall and laying siege on Westeros, tearing the flesh off those warring kings, until finally reaching King’s Landing — imagine the beheadings that may occur, the fear, the chaos, the glorious Satanic slaughter, the bloodbath! Boy, don’t you wish it’s April 2013 already?


6 responses to “Glorious bloodbath

  1. Haven’t seen even a single episode, but after reading this, I’m convinced to go to Quiapo ASAP and buy me a DVD of the two seasons and will temporarily put the porn viewing in the back burner for a while.

      • I have always been a big fan of the sword and sorcery genre (Conan, Kull the Conqueror) but never enjoyed it on this scale and complexity so I really wondered why I put this off for so long. I guess I waited for a decent soft copy to come by and believe me, that is one 16gb flash drive is worth it to house my GoT s1&2.

  2. panalo sa hassle… ang tagal hinintay tas tapos ana agad yon season… tas next year pa ulit yon kasunog… babasahin ko na nga lang din yon libro

  3. Game of Thrones! really the best-series ever! 🙂 good story, awesome execution… has the perfect mix of action, brutality, drama, comedy, witty remarks and sex scenes! hehehe… can’t wait for season 3!!!

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