Of birthdays & partying

Bang Blog turns one today, and red wine and drunk girls are everywhere.

Not true, of course. All the wild-ass, orgiastic partying only happens in my head these days, courtesy of the books and magazine articles I read, and movies and TV series I watch and religiously follow. I agree, I’ve become a boring fella in the party department. Case in point: Fete de la Musique raged in Makati last night, but despite invitations from friends I chose to stay home and be with my family instead, and just opted to monitor the event on Twitter. I figured I’m too old for something like that. And for the night life, in general.

But even that is only half-true: I was in a gentleman’s club the other night for a friend’s stag party, and had a terrific time.  The beer was overflowing, the videoke unlimited, but most of all I was with my college buddies, my favorite people in drunkenness and sobriety. There’s never a dull moment with those dudes. With them the night is always young, and nobody’s too old for anything. I was shitfaced and reeking of cheap thrills when I arrived home the next morning, but feeling wonderfully fine, like I was 18 again and very much the master of my domain.

And so much for a beer-y update. Here’s to another year of WordPress blogging. Seventy-five entries down, hopefully a billion more to go. And when I die may it be said that I had an interesting life, at least on my blog. My gratitude to those who left comments, liked, and followed this shit.


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