Good stuff

Give this fat little tabby a home, will ya?

Sometime last month my wife Charmaine started doing what a lot of people in the Facebook Generation seem to be doing: selling stuff online.

First it was accessories. She’d get them from a source, then post pictures of them on her Shoppe Noir Facebook account, and boom! People — from relatives to friends to complete strangers — would contact her for inquiries and, mostly, purchase. It turned out to be good business. Both of us were surprised on how fast many of the items were sold.

So she decided to expand, so to speak. Now she’s also selling stuffed toys. A whole box-full of them: Snoopys and Hello Kittys; Garfields and Doraemons; popular Disney characters, assorted animals and characters from Japanese cartoons. They come in all shapes and sizes; some new, some secondhand, but all in excellent condition. Check them out here.

Already, the inquiries are pouring in like mad rain that Charmaine is having a hard time juggling her small business and work. The goal, she says, is to make it her bread and butter and totally quit work so she can be a full-time mom to our little Raven.

This blog is another way of telling her that I fully support her plan. And also to spread the word.


2 responses to “Good stuff

  1. Wow! Congrats! I was planning on doing this kaso kung nandyan ako sa pinas, magandang business tlg yan because people become so tamad na pumunta sa stores… (isa na ako dun).

    Sana matupad nya ung dream na maging full-time online entrepreneur para maka stay nalang sya parati at home.

    Natuwa ako sa category ng blog mo: karl the family man

    • One of these days you’ll be Janis the Family Girl.

      Thanks for the wishing Charmaine luck. Desidido talaga siya, and so far so good talaga results. Thank God! 🙂

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