Perversely cute

After watching Ted, a movie about a talking, pot-smoking, whore-humping teddy bear named Ted (duh), Charmaine and I became instant fans. She now wants a Ted teddy bear (perhaps a merchandise from the movie), while I go a step further — I want Ted himself! Sorta like Giovanni Ribisi’s character in the film. Will stop at nothing to take possession of the adorable little fucker.

Anyway, Ted is from the same demented genius (Seth MacFarlane) that gave the world Family Guy and American Dad, so expect the same twisted, raunchy, adults-only humor. It has a happy, feel-good ending… but it’s the bawdy parts (and Mila Kunis!) that bring this baby to the finish line.


5 responses to “Perversely cute

  1. Also thought I could bring my niece and nephews to the theater to watch this — especially because Inday’s bestfriends are “Teddy na maroon” and “Teddy na malaki” — but methinks in the family, only I and my sister can appreciate it. 😀

  2. Di ko sure kung ipapalabas dito pero parang nakita ko na yung poster sa SM. Maybe somewhere between September and October pero by that time, I think we can just buy a pirated DVD copy, hindi ‘yung bootlegged. Hehe.

    • LOL! So may distinction na pala ngayon between a pirated copy and a bootlegged copy. 🙂 Anyway, you and Dennis Mendoza will surely enjoy this movie. Try mo rin yung cartoons na ‘Family Guy’ at ‘American Dad.’ Parang ‘The Simpsons,’ only more perverse.

  3. Yep! Hehe. Feeling ko lang there are two types of pirated — the bootlegged or clear and DVD copy, if it makes sense at all. Will check those out at 😀

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