Friday madness

Banchetto in Cubao: Outdoor sex party for foodies.

Here’s how awesome my Friday was:

  • Heavy traffic along Katipunan Ave. and in Cubao area on my way to work,
  • ATM card got blocked because I entered the wrong PIN thrice,
  • Long line at the MRT-Cubao station because of shortage of magnetic tickets,
  • MRT not selling stored value tickets because of said shortage of magnetic tickets,
  • None of my friends were available for some late-night drinks (the bastards!),
  • All the bars in Cubao were full and I couldn’t find a place to sit, drink, and celebrate the death of another work week,
  • People, people everywhere, all shapes and sizes and smell,
  • Long line of passengers at the FX terminal even at 10 p.m.
  • Big fat dude who sat beside me inside the FX thought I was his Uratex bed or something,
  • Heavy traffic along Katipunan Ave. and in Cubao area on my way home, and
  • Got soaked in the rain in Antipolo

The reasons: it was Payday Friday, the whole Philippines was having a three-day sale, traffic enforcers disappeared as soon as the sun went down, the entire Katipunan stretch became a car park for rich freaks getting wasted in the bars there, and the fact that this country is just so fucking overpopulated!

There. Glad to get that out of my system…


2 responses to “Friday madness

  1. Hehehe, nakakatuwa, we both blogged about our Fridays. Parang nakaka loka lang ung Friday mo kesa sakin… Ganito rin sa Riyadh, pag payday, nakakabwiset lumabas kasi andaming tao. Iba’t ibang itchura, iba’t ibang amoy…

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