Why I heart Solenn

Yesterday was a rotten day weather-wise, but all Sen. Tito Sotto and the others who claimed to have been victimized by “cyber-bullies” probably saw was sunshine.

Well, why not? Despite strong opposition from various groups, the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 took effect yesterday, which meant anything you say and post on the Internet from now on could be used and held against you in a court of law.

Beware, the government is saying. One wrong post and you’re off showering with the hoodlums and rapists in your friendly neighborhood city jail. Unless you learn to keep your opinion to yourself, the government will make your life more miserable than it already is, and not through additional taxes.

Solenn Heussaff: I rather have haters.

As of yesterday, nine petitions have been filed with the Supreme Court asking for a TRO on the implementation of RA 10175. Even re-electionist Sen. Chiz Escudero took a break from dating Heart Evangelista earlier this week to file a bill seeking amendments to the law. (Ooopps! Is that a libelous statement? God, no…) Results are still forthcoming.

Of course, if you’re on the other side of the fence — meaning you have either become a target of these noisy armchair revolutionaries, these gutless fucks who hide behind their MacBooks, these effin’ clowns who think they know everything, or just fed up with the know-it-all attitude  common among members of the Facebook Generation — you’ll be stroking your massive boner endlessly with this law. Finally, you’d say. Something to make these morons shut up.

Perhaps there is really a need to sanitize the Internet (kiddie smut, WTF!!!). But, hey, at the expense of a fundamental right?

As Solenn Heussaff so succinctly put it during our dinner last night (actually, on Twitter):  “I rather have haters and people bash me than have no right to freedom of speech. There are more important things to be taken care of in the Philippines than cyber-bullying.”

Right, Solenn. That’s why I love you.


3 responses to “Why I heart Solenn

  1. This is what I also love about blogging and the inspiration we get from others. Obviously and without doubt, Solenn is just right when she shares her views on this rather unconstitutional law which impinges on our fundamental right to expression.

    The need for it to be repealed is paramount in the interests of democracy.

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