Alliterations all night

It’s good that, in my weekend TV series marathons, it’s always Mad Men back to back with Breaking Bad. Good because while the former makes smoking look like the ultimate act of cool, the latter is a not-so-gentle reminder that life with lung cancer is sad and shitty. And the result is me keeping with my two sticks a day limit despite the irrefutable lure of Don Draper’s macho coolness.

Holy smokes! Everybody’s puffing in ‘Mad Men’

Ah, yes. Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Two reasons why β€” except for work and the occasional weekend chores β€” I’m hardly out of the house these days. Sorry, beer buddies. ‘Til we meet again.

I’m also shaking my head. These two have been wowing critics for years, and I’ve seen friends rave about them until they turned blue in the face, read paeans about them in the blogosphere, but it’s only last week that my interest got piqued enough to finally pay our friendly neighborhood sidewalk pirata vendor a visit. I’ve been sleeping late ever since.

That’s also the reason why my last blog entry was almost a month ago.

And also why at 2:14 a.m. on a weekday, I’m still wide awake and blogging.


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