Smells like Kindled spirit

After keeping it at bay for months, after hemming and hawing and pretending it’s never gonna happen, the unthinkable occurred: I’ve finally gone electronic with my reading.

Yes, I know, I once held strong opinion against ebooks, finding them too impersonal and complex to be of any fun. But faced with the dilemma of dwindling space for my ever expanding library, coupled with the stratospheric costs of books and the constant threat of termites to my precious collection, I knew even from the start that my switching to ebooks was only a matter of time.

Make no mistake, I still like actual books. I still love the feel of paper on my skin (paper cuts notwithstanding), still fascinated with the smell of new books (as well as the dusty aroma of old ones), still gloat over Booksale finds. I look at my library — stacks and stacks of paperbacks and hardcovers lovingly collected through the years — and feel a kind of pride that is almost parental. Unlike many, I see no problem in lugging books around.

Still, one can only resist change for so long. Hence: a Kindle. Purchased via as an early Christmas gift to myself. To say that I’m excited to explore this nifty little gadget is an understatement.


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