Bookgasm 2012

stormofswordsTo your right is my Best Read 2012 Edition. Because the murders are horrific, the characters wicked, the plot complex. Not-for-the-faint-of-heart stuff. The whole book is a big fat middle finger to anything formulaic.

For this year, it’s 20 books/ebooks, more or less 15 magazines (mostly Rolling Stone), zero comics (not proud of this) — and two significant developments: my  gore-soaked introduction to the fantasy genre, and my acceptance of ebooks as a legit format rather than Jeff Bezos’ racket to sucker us into buying his Kindle (I ended up buying his Kindle).

It was a wild ride. In 12 months I’ve been to Afghanistan at the height of the Taliban rule, to Texas playing Sherlock Holmes with a dude named Kinky, to the highly fortified NASA compound in Houston plotting the most audacious heist in history, even to the Booya Moon, where it’s always bad at night and there’s evil laughter in the woods. And more. Wherever it was, it was always exactly where I wanted to be.

Looking forward to the adventures of 2013.

Photo courtesy of Dennis “The Ill Diablo” Mendoza.


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