Media stoops, out comes excrement

walapakiForgive me for puking. I just spent a week neck-deep in media excrement. So strong was the stench that even up to now, on a fine Saturday night away from the newsroom, with the TV and radio turned off and Firefox clear of any news site, I still get whiffs of its wet, cloying smell. Thanks a lot, social media.

Never before have I seen the media unload two big ones at such close proximity. On one fly-blown clump we have the Heart Evangelista-Chiz Escudero “love story” (I’m using quotation marks because unlike Inday next door, I believe there is a shadowy PR group behind all this, either working for or against Chiz). Reportedly, Heart’s parents disapprove of their May-December “affair,” accusing the senator of breaking their family and of being a drunk. They say Chiz should leave their daughter alone or face charges. To show that they’re serious, they held a press conference, generously granted interviews, issued at least one press release that I know of. And the media sucked it all up like it’s the only important thing happening out there.

Not entirely true, because as this was developing, another one of media’s liquid diarrhea — in the form of the Kris AquinoJames Yap war — splashed on our TV screens. Unlike the farce that was the Heart-Chiz love-conquers-all drama, this one leveled up by involving courts and big-name lawyers. The juicy bits: Kris seeks temporary protection order from court after incident where James, her ex-husband, allegedly tried to rape her in front of their five-year-old son Bimby. Court grants TPO, effectively banning James from getting near Kris, Bimby. James fights back by asking court to issue hold departure order to prevent Kris and Bimby from flying to France over the weekend. Court junks petition… but not before ordering both parties to shut up. Amid all this we are treated to Kris Aquino being portrayed in several news reports as a suffering princess, a modern-day damsel in distress trapped up there in the cold lonely tower, complete with exclusive one-on-one interviews and prime slots on evening news programs. Indeed, what should have been rightfully consigned to weekend afternoon showbiz talk shows has become of national significance. Coming at the heels of her brother’s big blunder in Malacanang in handling the Sabah issue, the timing of this controversy is just suspect. (For a brutally honest take on this, check out Spinbusters’ “Busted: Kris Wags the Dog, Saves the King.”) I wouldn’t put a trick like that past this administration, which has steadily built itself more on image than substance.

So there. Two big, malodorous dumps; one sick-to-his-stomach news junkie.


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