I spent the wee hours of May 14 depressed, stressed out and feeling suicidal. Whatever hope I have for this country was dashed when the results of the previous day’s elections started trickling in showing the same trapos — the same sweet-talking scions of political clans, the same warlords and plunderers and dolts — taking commanding leads early on in the races. This made me feel sick to my stomach. I felt like a fool for believing that this particular election will be different.


May 13 midterm elections: Dude, where’s my precinct?

Even in Antipolo, my last bastion of hope and sanity when it comes to politics, the tides seem to have changed. A member of the Ynares dynasty of Rizal is trying to seize control of the city hall, and judging from what I saw yesterday at our polling precinct, hoping it will not happen is an exercise in futility. There were just too many idiots willing to sell their souls for a price, even for a cheap fast food meal. Sad.

And the Senate race? Forget it. Very little hope there. The fact that millions of voters thought political greenhorns like Nancy Binay and Bam Aquino are fit to sit in a body that crafts and passes laws will baffle me for a long time. I hope they’ll prove me wrong in the near future.

Otherwise, this country is better off at the bottom of the South China Sea.


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