Going Android

It could’ve been an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S4 or what have you. Hell, it could’ve been that Kindle Fire HD I’ve been drooling over since I saw some lucky schmuck in the MRT watching a Californication episode on it. However, my wallet was not fat enough. With my kid starting school this year, I simply had to settle for something less flashy.

Enter Lenovo S560.


Sitting pretty, like a pro

I didn’t care much for most of the specs mentioned on various tech sites I checked prior to the purchase. I scored this specifically for the Ice Cream Sandwich OS (for Instagram, yo), the four-inch touch screen, the front-facing camera (for #selfies! lol), and—most especially—for the DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS TECHNOLOGY!!! Fuck yeah, for a music junkie like me, that seals the deal there, man. And with a P7,000 price tag this phone, for me, is the next best thing since Internet porn. Road-testing it with the new Alice in Chains album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, one fine Saturday morning last week was a delight.

I can be a materialistic bastard sometimes.


2 responses to “Going Android

  1. In fairness, maganda yang phone na yan! I myself use Huawei P1 Ascend, it may not be the most popular thing in town, but I love how light it is. Imagine the number of times it fell on my son’s head and he’s still ok, walang kabukol bukol sa noo! Hehehe!

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