Sakai Diary: A Prelude

SakaiSomething big is going to happen in the next couple of days. After 34 years I will finally have my first overseas experience. Yay! Long overdue in this day and age of travel packages and piso fares.  But the most awesome part is, it’s going to be on someone else’s tab. So double yay!

The destination is Japan. I will be one of the three Filipino media representatives for this year’s Sakai Asean Week. We’ll be in the Land of the Rising Sun for six nights, seven days. I look at the itinerary, I see activities galore, and I’m stoked. And also nervous as hell.

I guess it’s only natural for a first time long-distance traveler to feel antsy at this stage. I think about the four- to five-hour flight, trapped inside a huge-ass metal tunnel hovering thousands of feet above ground with nothing but air between me and the ocean — it’s just too much for a paranoid freak like me!

I’d make a poor globe-trotting rock star.

But countless have done it and countless have survived and I’ll be okay.  I just need to relax, breathe easy, get out of my safe mental cocoon. After all, where’s that fucking sense of adventure that fueled me in my youth? Where indeed?

Anyway, I’ve been told PAL serves unlimited wine. Yay for that!


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