January on two wheels

Holy shit! Where did the weeks go? Seems like only yesterday I was munching cold media noche leftovers for breakfast, and now the Season of Red is upon us and everywhere I look I see roses and heart-shaped balloons and whatnot. Pfft! Not really a big fan of V-Day, not in high school and certainly not now, but hey, to each his own, right? Right. Anyway…

January 2014 was marked with several highlights, many of them involving my two-wheeled friend which, from now on, shall be referred to in these pages as Pasaway. Don’t ask.

See, I figured those fine weekend mornings of icy weather were just too precious to waste on hangovers. So instead of drinking the night before and sleeping the whole morning off, I would hit the sack early and force myself out of bed at 6 a.m., gear up, dress up, and take Pasaway for a ride. I had this regimen on and off on the latter part of last year, but last January it became a full-blown weekend habit.

One freezing Sunday morning, pumped up with good vibes and craving thrills, I decided to take my new-found hobby to the next level. Realizing that Antipolo has become too small for me and Pasaway, I embarked on a long solo tour that covered four cities—Antipolo, Taytay, Cainta, Marikina—and more or less 35 kilometers (based on a free app I downloaded on my smartphone).

I know, 35 kilometers is negligible and even laughable to the hardcore bikers (those who’ve been biking for years and own bikes fetching five-digit prices), but given the factors involved — my cheap department store bike lacking in branded parts, my smoker’s stamina, and the fact that a significant portion of the distance covered is a brutal uphill climb — I believe I did well, and am patting myself on the back.

Also, baby steps. The problem with biking is the challenge is never-ending. You just want to keep pushing to cover more and more distance, and to reach more and more destinations, aching legs and risk of accidents be damned.


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