Bring ’em down

Angel Locsin billboards: Menace to society

I can almost imagine what happened: Valenzuela Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian was cruising along EDSA one fine weekend with his family. It was a bright and sunny day, and they were whooping it up, laughing and singing and teasing each other along the way. Then, when they reached the Mandaluyong portion of EDSA, the mayor looked out and saw something that made him gasp.

Sexy billboards! This time showing big buff men in their underwear! Nipples and torsos and bulges galore! Angry birds!

It was too much for the young public official to see. So he phoned a friend and complained.

“He had to cover the eyes of his nieces when they pass through EDSA to prevent them from seeing the billboards,” said Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos, to whom Gatchalian aired his complaint, and who immediately ordered the removal of the offending billboards. “I’m not more popish than the Pope. I’m a very liberal person. But when there are complaints like this, we have to act on it.”

Spoken like a true public servant.

As expected, knowing the government’s penchant to piggyback on anything that will land it on the news, the MMDA declared an all-out war vs sexy billboards.

Quick action. Exactly what this country needs.

*Photo here.