Rockstar obituary: Jani Lane

Ex-Warrant vocalist Jani Lane dead at 47.

Learned about it from Glenn Hughes’ tweet. Googled it and found the story on TMZ. Sad. News about him hadn’t been very encouraging lately. Drugs and alcohol and all that shit. Not surprising, really. But still.

RIP, Mr. Rainmaker. Dog Eat Dog will remain one of my favorite albums. Too bad haters had dismissed you and your band for Cherry Pie and had lambasted you for what you had become — a sad drug-addled has-been — but failed to take note your band’s maturity that was very obvious in Dog Eat Dog and even Ultraphobic. Those two are gems, and I sincerely thank you for them. Now go break some angel’s heart with “Heaven.” A slow rock collection will not be complete without that tearjerker.