Perversely cute

After watching Ted, a movie about a talking, pot-smoking, whore-humping teddy bear named Ted (duh), Charmaine and I became instant fans. She now wants a Ted teddy bear (perhaps a merchandise from the movie), while I go a step further — I want Ted himself! Sorta like Giovanni Ribisi’s character in the film. Will stop at nothing to take possession of the adorable little fucker.

Anyway, Ted is from the same demented genius (Seth MacFarlane) that gave the world Family Guy and American Dad, so expect the same twisted, raunchy, adults-only humor. It has a happy, feel-good ending… but it’s the bawdy parts (and Mila Kunis!) that bring this baby to the finish line.


Fuck buddies

Saw Friends with Benefits earlier and liked it. Not because I dig the idea of casual sex, but I think the movie’s funny and, dare I say, cute. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have this convincing onscreen chemistry that I last saw between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer, which, incidentally, is a favorite.

I am such a sucker for romantic comedies.

Also worth noting in Friends with Benefits: Woody Harrelson as a gay sports editor, and a cameo by Emma Stone, who made my heart skip a beat playing a rock chick in The Rocker.

Holy crap!

The two movies I’m excited to see this year have Justin Timberlake in them!

But screw Justin (although admittedly I think he has some decent acting chops in him, like in Black Snake Moan). I’m gonna see these movies for the chicks, man. Mila Kunis and Cameron Diaz… especially Cameron Diaz. I was in high school when I first saw her, and she was seducing Jim Carrey in The Mask. We had some pretty wild nights in my head after that.