Homer Simpson for the soul


I never thought the day would come when I’d get fatherly inspiration from Homer Simpson, but there you go.


Makati with the Raven

Brought my daughter Raven to Makati last Friday to fetch Charmaine and let her enjoy the merry holiday atmosphere. I was surprised that she was all energy and excitement during the ride despite the heavy rush hour traffic that met us in Pasig and along Buendia. It was very unlike the last time we went to Makati. Raven, still unaccustomed to long travels via PUVs, spent that ride in messy distress. Thank god for Bonamine chewables, I didn’t go home reeking of spoiled milk last Friday.

After the meet-and-greet with Charmaine’s office-mates, the four of us — with Ate Layna, Raven’s nanny, in tow — went to the Ayala Triangle to check out the famous light show there. It was fantastic: literally thousands of lights blinking in unison with the Christmas carols booming from big, strategically placed speakers. I wish I can upload the video I took, but my attempts here so far had been epic failures. (For the interested, the video’s on my Facebook.) It’s either WordPress sucks with videos, or I’m just dumb.

So that was December, the Christmas month, starting on the right foot. May the rest of the holiday season be as kick-ass and endearing as that day.

Good Friday

This is me with my new swag Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas shirt. Charmaine’s workmate made this and he did a pretty excellent job. This is actually me taking my Hunter S. Thompson fanaticism to a brand new level: not only I want to read the bastard, I also want to wear him. Yeah.

Today is Friday, the first day of my weekend, and I’m riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave, so to speak (again, Thompson). I just finished putting up our Christmas lights with a very excited Raven beside me and really, Christmas is so much livelier in the company of kids. I am silently thanking my daughter for making me look at this holiday season in a new perspective.

Earlier I was at my mother’s place where I applied Solignum to my old bookshelf because termites, greedy little shits that they are, were organizing a holiday boodle fight on my books, and mom said I should stop them before they start munching on her dog. It always feels nice to be of help. The job done, we went to Mang Inasal for lunch and had a pretty nice bonding moment while abusing the unlimited rice promo and eating like famine survivors. Then I treated my narcissistic self to a haircut and a shave (off you go, three-inch goatee!).

Now I’m gulping down coffee because this has been a great day and I don’t want it to end yet.

I’m on Google+

Because I can’t stop peddling myself on these social networking sites.

In other news, I skipped work today. The weather is still foul and it has turned my nose into a miniature Niagara Falls. Also: it’s Monday. Very few good things happen on a Monday. I have 15 years of school experience to back that up. I guess I’ll just stay in bed and juggle Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club and Edogawa Rampo’s Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination since I’m not allowed to go near my daughter anyway, for fear that she may catch the virus. Which sucks, of course. What’s an extra day at home if I can’t spend it with her?