Me want testosterone to go with my popcorn

Channel-surfing one drizzly morning last week while stuck at home due to inflamed tonsils, I came across an old Tagalog action movie called Kamandag Ko Ang Papatay Sa ‘Yo (1997). It stars Ronnie Ricketts, Beth Tamayo, Eddie Gutierrez and 10,000 scowling dudes in black leather jackets. Since I was bored, I decided to tune in.

Why not? I thought. They don’t make movies like this anymore. Instead, what we have are flicks about young people falling in love and homosexuals being, well, homosexuals. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but some of us aren’t into that shit.

Indeed. If there’s one thing missing in local movies these days, it’s testosterone. To quote Paula Cole: Where have all the cowboys gone? If Ronnie Ricketts hasn’t been functioning as the government’s anti-video piracy czar, I doubt we’ll be seeing much of him these days. But what about the likes of Roi Vinzon, Ace Espinosa and Jeric Raval? Anyone remember Chuck Perez? How about those stuntmen, always clad in leather even in midday heat? I’m sure as hell they didn’t end up as call center agents.

The point? I enjoyed Kamandag Ko Ang Papatay Sa ‘Yo. It was brainless fun.