Back to blood-spattered programming

It’s been a while since my last Dexter episode. Once I was so hooked to this show that there were times when I’d hear Michael C. Hall’s voice — that unique, deadpan drawl — in my head. But after season 4, which was awesome and best remembered for John Lithgow as a bad-ass serial killer, the succeeding seasons saw the series drifting south. Consequently, it drifted off my radar, too.

Episode 701

Secrets revealed: Debra and Dexter Morgan

Last Sunday night, however, finding ourselves with a DVD copy of the complete season 7 courtesy of my brother, Charmaine and I decided to give the series a whirl just for the heck of it. It only took two episodes for us to agree that the season has promise. Its Dexter vs. an organized crime this time, with sister Debra, who finally learned all about his “dark passenger,” providing distractions on the side. We hope we’ll not be disappointed.


Jesus, not another Dexter blog

Holy shit! John Lithgow is the main antagonist in Dexter season four, and in it he’s one vicious motherfucker known as the Trinity Killer. Swell!

I’ve always thought of John Lithgow as kind of weird-looking ever since 3rd Rock from the Sun. Perhaps it’s his height, or his huge forehead and his unusually small face, or the way he would sometimes talk in a deadpan manner. Whatever. There’s just something in him that tells me he would make a good evil guy.

Still, I didn’t expect to see him naked in a bathtub one day, choking an equally naked girl, telling her, “Sssh, it’s already over,” and then slicing her up gingerly, slowly…

My kinda entertainment, folks. At 4:41 in the morning.

Blood, guts, TV

Spent late Friday night to Saturday dawn watching Dexter episodes from season one. It was me enjoying some quiet late-night alone time by reacquainting myself with the boob tube (as opposed to drinking my way to sleep and getting depressed and shit). The last series I faithfully followed was Californication because of the sex and tits its lead character, Hank Moody (David Duchovny), is a writer and a drunk and… yeah, I guess I don’t need to elaborate… and it’s been, like, months ago. I figured me and our Samsung have a lot of catching up to do.

‘Dexter’ is full of pretty images like this.

Blog-hopping the other day I realized I was missing on a lot of interesting TV shows lately. I remember Charmaine and I used to be couch potatoes before, always updated on shows like The X-Files, Millennium, Cold Case, the C.S.I. franchise (Las Vegas was our favorite), That 70’s Show, Little Britain, and even WWE’s Raw and Smackdown.  But 2009 and 2010 turned out to be very busy years, what with Raven and a new house demanding most of our attention. Consequently, TV was relegated to the backseat of our priorities. The series we used to follow moved on to another season and another, new interesting shows came up, some old ones concluded, all outside our radar.

So I spent a couple of hours with Dexter enjoying all the blood and guts, thinking, A serial killer who kills serial killers. Hmm, why didn’t I think of that? Seriously, I was thinking, Well, this is nice. This alone time in front of the boob tube getting lost in the demented mind of a self-righteous serial murderer. Perhaps I should do this more often.

Maybe I will.

Game of Thrones, you are next.