Ah yes, Bodom. Just got home from the concert and it was freakin’ awesome. The band ripped through their set like a pack of hungry wolves, and my neck — every nerve and muscle of it — responded accordingly. Tomorrow it’ll hurt like hell. Also: I think I need a new pair of eardrums. Whatever, man. We at the GA section had as much headbanging fun as those in the VIP section. It was a well organized gig, and if ever there were troublemakers the bastards must’ve been killed at the entrance because all those who were inside the Amoranto Theater were a pretty good and decent lot. They banged their heads and screamed profanities but nobody raised any hell except the band and no one acted like an asshole by groping girls and picking fights and shit like that. Highlight of the year, definitely.

Sorry, too drunk/tired to write a decent blog.



D-Day. In a couple of hours my wife Charmaine and I will be at the Amoranto Theater checking out the Philippine leg of Children of Bodom’s Ugly World Tour. It’ll be fun. I expect nothing but torture —  my eardrums pummeled by live heavy music, my skin sliced by Alexi Laiho’s razor-sharp riffs, and my mind blown away by the massive blast of heathen music that will surely engulf the venue.

In short, I’m excited. Like, pissing-on-my-pants excited. And also strangely nervous for some reason. I hope there will be beer at the venue, and I hope they will be reasonably priced.

In case it’s not yet obvious, I love rock/metal concerts. I go there, get drunk, bang my head, scream with the band (or at the band if they’re shitty), and hang out with like-minded people. If I can handle it, I join mosh pits. There, I get elbowed, slugged, kicked, kneed, whacked, pushed, shoved, stomped (just like when I commute daily), but that’s okay, because that’s all part of the fun. Somehow, the pain and the violence provide catharsis. Think Palahniuk’s Fight Club, only with loud music and no Brad Pitt.

With the gals: (L-R) Watching Nine Inch Nails with sis-in-law Nikki (Aug. 2009), the Gin Blossoms with wife Charmaine (Nov. 2010), and Stone Temple Pilots with friend Reese (March 2011)

Bodom, bitches! (Part II)

Holy shit! Two more nights and I’m gonna be seeing Children of Bodom live at the Amoranto Theater. Years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d be typing that sentence, but thanks to Pulp Live Productions, my heavy metal dreams are coming true.

See that? That’s me shooting my wad because, shit, this anticipation is almost sexual. Yeah.

No wonder I still feel super fine these days despite the hectic hours at the office. Gloria Arroyo and Leila de Lima and even Hillary Clinton can suck Ferdinand Topacio’s rotten balls for all I care. Constitutional crisis? Bring it on! Nothing can disturb my chi when the hate crew is just around the corner.

Bodom, bitches!

These Finnish hatemongers are set to deathroll into Manila on Nov. 19, and my wife  and I intend to get blood drunk on that day*. Which means it’s time to launch Operation: Save Cash For This Shit. Either that or rob a bank. Whatever. This news just made my week.

*Hate Crew Deathroll and Blooddrunk are two of the band’s albums. The sentence is a sorry-ass attempt at witticism, I know, but so what? I just woke up and am excited as hell.